home baked
big and small

Standard round (GF)
$3.60 each
Heart shaped (GF)
$3.85 each
Liqueur flavoured (GF) $4.05 each
Themed (GF)
$4.85 each

(Regular: deduct 10 cents/cake pop)

Cake pops are a fun alternative to a cupcake. They are a mouthful of decadent truffle cake on a lollipop stick dipped in either dark, milk or white Belgian chocolate and topped in your choice of sprinkles or decorations and covered in cellophane for freshness.

Cake pops can have any personality and can be made to match your theme or colours, for example, clowns, sports balls or hearts for weddings.

Choose Liqueur cake pops for some adult only fun from Cointreau, Rum, Baileys Irish Cream or Kahlúa.

Cake pop stands are available for hire or can be hand crafted to suit, alternatively choose a box or tin container.

Popular gifts, attractive boxed arrangements are also available.


Airtight container for up to 5 days. Does not need to be refrigerated.