home baked
big and small

Little Dot Bake Shop was my inspiration to take the plunge and leave my office-based career of 20 years to pursue my childhood love of baking.

I began baking at a very young age, and remember enthralling lessons with ‘Mama’, my Grandmother, as soon as I was old enough to kneel on a chair at her table. I remember using her cutters to make animal biscuits, cutters I still have now, and squeezing ‘curly biscuits’ through the forcer. I always made a mess with pink icing and ‘hundreds and thousands’. My sister Julie and I still share a passion for baking, and regularly compare our triumphs and lessons learnt in the kitchen.

Home baking has always been a huge interest for me. It brings back so many fond childhood memories. I love making beautiful cakes with unmistakable flavours, which I enjoy sharing with others.

'Little Dot' is a natural extension of my passion for baking and decorating special cakes and goodies.

'Little Dot' is affectionately named after my daughter, who also loves spending time in the kitchen baking and decorating cakes and biscuits.

Little Dot offers you a range of special occasion Happy Day cakes, cake pops, cup cakes and High Teas - perfect for any celebration. Little Dot’s cakes are all made from scratch with great love, the best ingredients and crafted flavours. Then they are given distinctive features using my granny-given-gift for paper-craft, handmade pinwheels, pretty ribbons and paper flag bunting.

Please explore the delights of Little Dot and share my passion for home baking.

Marina Rositano chief cook & cake tin scrubber